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30 November 2017
12 Kislev, 5778 
This study is dedicated to Leiluy Nishmat of Herlinda Linda bat Alegra.
Zivug Agun ve Karov of Margalit bat Rajel and Leiluy Nishmat of Jacqueline Lea bat Estrella.
Another mitzvah that is transgressed when speaking Lashon Hara....
"Do not accept a false report." 
Our sages teach that the above mentioned, also includes the sin of speaking Lashon Hara.

As we have studied and will continue reviewing, by speaking Lashon Hara one does not transgress only one precept, one transgresses hundreds.

If we would only realize this.... We would be saved from SO MANY bad decrees!!

Think about it!! IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!
Refua Shelema of Tinok ben Emily and Jenny Lea bat Emily.
May Margalit bat Yaffa has her baby in good time with good luck and both she and the baby will be 100% healthy Beezrat Hashem.
Refua Shelema and Besorot Tovot of Laura Esther bat Alice 
PSALM 117.
10 Mitzvot of the Torah in 1 minute 
13 Fundamental Principles of Faith
Do you know that whoever does not believe in the 13 fundamental principles of faith has no part in Olam Haba? Give yourself a minute to read them, you deserve it! It is advisable to read them daily.
Hilula of the Rab Rachamim Mazuz:
Author of "Kisa Rachamim".
His Hilula is today after shkia, until tomorrow before shkia.
When you light the candle say "leiluy nishmat" and the name of the Tzadik, and ask Hashem, that in the merit of the Tzadik, may hear our tefilot and receive them only for good.

Rab Shteinman´s health is in danger. He is a little bit better, but he's still in danger so we need to keep going with tefilot!
The Rav´s name is: Rab Aharon Yehuda Leiv ben Guitel Faiga.
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