In Loving Memory of our Dear Parents

Benjamin Assa & Rebeca Assa z"L

Coworkers, friends...HUSBANDS!!/ Your smile...


30 November 2017
12 Kislev, 5778 
Your smile... 

Let´s think for a moment...
There is no worse way then to be received with complaints, "long faces," and screams when we get home... and no matter who they come from, the parents, the spouse, our siblings (even the maid)... being received this way, will automatically change our attitude into a negative one.
On the contrary, when they receive us with a SMILE, our energy and attitude will be even better than the one we had before getting home.
The same happens to  the person we are receiving. The energy and the humor in the home will depend on the way we received them. 
Let´s think before opening the door and receiving our people, the enormous reward of receiving our loved ones with a smile is priceless!!
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