In Loving Memory of our Dear Parents

Benjamin Assa & Rebeca Assa z"L

1 Minute

Did you know there are 10 Mitzvot from the Torah that you can fulfill in seconds???


There are 10 things in the Torah that Hashem asked us to remember daily and are part of the 613 mitzvot, and they are:


1.  Yetziat mitzraim – Remember we got redeemed from Egypt. 

2 .  Shabbat Kodesh. 

3.   Remember the Manna that we ate in the dessert.

4.   Remember that Amalek was the first nation to cowardly attack Am Israel following the Exodus from Egypt, causing us to doubt our purpose in leaving Egypt.

5.   Remember we received the Torah on Har Sinai.

6.   Remember the sinful acts our ancestors committed in the desert that angered Hashem, especially the sin of the Golden calf. 

7.   Remember the big favor Hashem did for us by changing the destructive curses into blessings prepared for Am Israel, by Balak and Bilaam.

8.   Remember the punishment (Tzaraat ) that the Prophet Miriam received for talking lashon hara about her brother Moshe.

9.   Remember that Hashem continuously gives us strength to live.

10.  Remember that Yerushalayim will be rebuilt very soon in our days. AMEN!!!


So if you take less than a minute to read it, you fulfilled 10 mitzvot from the Torah!!

And if you enjoy counting …. It adds up to 3650 mitzvot a year!!

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