In Loving Memory of our Dear Parents

Benjamin Assa & Rebeca Assa z"L

Chesed/ True story...


22 May 2017
26 Iyar, 5777 
True Story....
As we have studied, sadly many times it is easier to give Tzedakah to strangers than to those closest to us. 
One morning, the Kapishnitzer Rebbe called a wealthy man from his community in Manhattan.
He explained that he would like to visit the man to discuss an opportunity to give tzedakah.  The man, out of respect for the Rebbe, insisted that he would go to Brooklyn rather than cause the Rebbe to take the subway to Manhattan.  The Rebbe refused and said that he would like to go to his office and speak to him for a couple of minutes
The Rebbe to the office and the man disconnected his phone and asked not to be bothered... the Rebbe was in his office...
There, the Rebbe detailed the terrible financial situation of a family with many children.  The breadwinner had lost his job, his health was suffering and financial pressure was breaking the family to pieces. Something had to be done immediately to help.
The man, after hearing this story, did not hesitate for a moment.  "I´ll write a check for one thousand dollars right now," he said.
"But Rebbe," he continued, "I don´t understand why you had to trouble yourself to come all the way here."  With the pen in his hand the man asked, "who do I make out the check to?"
The Rebbe stayed silent for a few seconds and answered:
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