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Parasha Naso

The name of the Parasha Naso signifies “census”, since Moshe was commanded to count the Leviim between the ages of 30 and 50 to see who was fit for the avoda (work) of the Sanctuary.

The total Leviim counted fit for the avoda was: 8580 people. 

The Parasha continues by mentioning 4 laws:

1. Laws concerning impure people who had leave the camp.

2. Laws concerning theft

3. Laws concerning the Sotah: the woman suspected of adultery.

4. Laws concerning the Nazir: a person who makes a voluntary vow to refrain from drinking wine, shearing his hair, and having contact with the dead, including his parents. He sanctifies himself during his period of Nezirut. After his term of nezirut the nazir brings a serious of sacrifices. The nazir´s hair which had grown freely throughout the nezirut, is now completely shorn and burnt in the fire beneath the peace offering.

Hashem told Moshe to command the Kohanim to bless the Jewish people every day during the day-time prayers, in the Diaspora, we recite Birkat kohanim only on the Yamim Tovim.

" Yebarejejá Hash'm Veishmeréja ...".

The last chapter tells of the inauguration of the Mishkan, in which the 12 nesiim (leaders) of each tribe brought sacrifices for 12 consecutive days.
The Parasha concludes with the verse: “And when Moshe came into the Mishkan to speak with Him, he heard the very voice Voice that he had heard at Har Sinai. Now it came form the kaporet that was upon the aron from between the two keruvim, and from there the Voice spoke to him.” 

¡¡ Shabbat Shalom and Besorot Tovot !! 

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