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Parasha Behaalotecha

This Parasha explains various events and mitzvot:

- It begins detailing Hashem´s indication to Aaron on the mitzvah of preparing and lighting the Menorah: the candelabra containing 6 arms which needed to point to the central arm.

_It continues explaining the process the Leviim must go through in order to initiate the Holy Services. A Levi became an apprentice in the Sanctuary at the age of 25. After studying for 5 years, he could begin the actual service a the age of 30. He would retire from the heavy work load at the age of 50, turning to lighter tasks. 

-One year after leaving Egypt, Moshe repeated to Bnei Israel the detailed laws of Pesaj. They offered the Korban Pesaj, but those who were impure were 
unable to do the Mitzvah, but had the opportunity to do so the following month, “Pesaj Sheni.” This mitzvah was only performed in the times of the Sanctuaries, nowadays we only celebrate it as a remembrance. 
-The Clouds of Glory settled upon the Mishkan, and according to their movement the Bnei Israel would settle or depart. And with the sound of the trumpets blown by the Kohanim, the wars, holidays and departures would be announced. 

-The Torah speak
s about Yitro, Moshe´s father-in-law, who coverts to Judaism in the wilderness. He is renamed to Chovaiv, Lover of the Torah, after his conversion to Judaism. 

The Parasha continues with the narration of the rebels who began complaining and criticizing the slow pace when walking , and this negative attitude angered Hashem, and a terrible fire consumed the guilty.

- The Egyptian converts began to complian about their inability to satisfy their cravings, since they were fed up with the Man. Hashem was very angry and a fire fell from Heaven and devoured the instigators of the Egyptian converts.


-The fire also consumed the souls of the Elders of the Sanhedrin, they had been liable to the death penalty since matan Torah, for having derived enjoyment from the sight of the Shechina.


-Hashem grants Moshe´s request and appoints 70 new Elders who will assist him in his leadership and Moshe shares his ruach hakodesh with the Elders. 

Also t
wo great Sages among Our people, Eldad y Medad, as gift received prophecy for acting humbly and believing that they were underserving of their position.

And suddenly a swarm of slavs (quails) fell on the Camp, and the People hunted and collected them. Hashem´s anger shook the People sending a mortal plague.

This place was called “Graves of the Lusters,” Kivros Hata'ava, because the lusters for meat had perished there. 

- The Parasha 
ends with the sad event of Miriam speaking Lashon Hara to Aharon about their brother Moshe, in reference to the woman he had taken a as wife. And they said: “Did Hashem only speak with Aharon?” and Hashem heard them and Called them into the Sanctuary, and Hashem said to them “When I direct myself towards you it is through a dream, Moshe´s prophecy is different.  I speak to him faced to face, with perfect clarity. How could you have spoken like hat about My Loyal Servant Moshe?”  and Miriam was covered with leprosy.  Moshe begged Hashem to heal  Miriam.  

And the Parasha concludes when Miriam remains out of the camp for 7 days, and the People refuse to continue their travels until Miriam´s return…"

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