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Parasha Pinchas

Hashem praises Pinchas ben Elazar, grandson of Aharon, for his courageous act that stopped Hashem´s wrath in the previous parasha.

He is appointed Kohen on his own merit and Hashem promises him a covenant of shalom, peace.

Hashem instructs Moshe to attack Midyan for plotting against Am Israel and having caused the people of Israel to sin. 

Then Hashem orders the last counting of Bnei Israel in the desert, all men over the age of 20 were counted, and the total account was 601,730 people.

 The Tribe of Levy was counted separately, the men from one month old were counted, and the total was 23,000 people.

 They were the new generation of the People of Israel, shortly before entering the Promised Land.

Hashem tells Moshe that the Promised Land will be distributed according to the number of people from each tribe.

But the daughters of Tzelafchad ( a man from the tribe of Menashe) present themselves before Moshe requesting a share in the Land, since their father had died leaving no male offspring.

 The daughters of Tzelafchad argued correctly and received a double portion, their father´s portion and their grandfather´s portion as well (since their father was first-born).

Here Hashem commanded Moshe to teach Bnei Israel the laws of inheritance.  

Then Hashem announces to Moshe that the time of his death has arrived.

Moshe prayed to Hashem for Him to appoint a capable successor to lead the people into the Promised Land before his passing.

And Hashem orders Moshe to take Yehoshua ben Nun and present him to the Kohen and to all of the congregation and to announce his leadership.

And that is how Yehoshua was assigned as Moshe´s successor.


At the end of the Parasha the laws of the Korbanot (sacrifices) for Shabbat, Rosh Jodesh, Pesaj, Shavuot, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Succot are explained.

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