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Parashiot Matot - Maase






Parasha Mattot: 




This Parasha begins with the laws related to vows and promises: "According to all that proceeds out of his mouth, shall he do.”


 Before passing away, Moshe is told by Hashem, “Take revenge for the children of Israel against the Midianites,” after the account with Bilaam the Rasha. 


Moshe immediately gathers 1000 men from each tribe to form an army to attack Midian. 


And Israel was triumphant, they defeated Midian by killing the 5 kings and the evil prophet Bilaam. 


And Moshe was angry with the leaders of each battalion upon their return, because they did not kill the women of Midian, for they were the ones who caused the terrible sin.


…. “and the soldiers obeyed Moshe!”


 Moshe also tells them to undergo the seven-day purification process for one who comes in contact with the dead, they needed to remain outside the camp for 7 days. 



Elazar instructs them on the laws of hagalah (“koshering”—the cleansing of utensils of the non-kosher food absorbed in them), by which to cleanse the “gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and lead” utensils captured in the war


Then Hashem orders a tally of the spoils taken from the war in Midian and it is then divided in equal parts among the soldiers and the rest of the People.


But the soldiers, thankful with Hashem for not having lost not one man in the war, decide to donate all the gold they were given to the Sanctuary.  The donated gold totaled 16,750 shekels.


The tribes of Reuben and Gad (later joined by half of the tribe of Manashe) ask for the lands east of the Jordan as their portion in the Promised Land, these being prime pastureland for their cattle.


Initially Moshe is angered by their request, to which they explain that they will help the rest of the People in the conquest of the Promised Land, and it will be only afterwards that they will return to those territories to dedicate themselves to their cattle.  



Moshe agrees on the condition that they fulfill their promise, and that is how the Tribes of Reuven and Gad, and half the Tribe of Menashe establish on the other side of the Jordan River.




Parasha Maase



With this Parasha we conclude the Book of Bamidbar, it recounts the 42 stations from the Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land, throughout our 40 years in the wilderness.


Then Hashem explains the geographic boundaries of The Land we are about to inherit and its division.


Hashem shows Moshe All of The Promised Land (the land, its rivers, oceans and mountains).  Our chachamim assure us that Moshe, although he did not enter The Land, knew it better than Yeoshua who conquered it with his own feet.



The Parasha mentions the future representative of each Tribe. Each tribe was allotted a portion of land, the Leviim were given 48 cities in which to dwell. 



The Parasha concludes with the daughters of Tzelofjad, who receive the order from Hashem to marry men from their same tribe (Menashe) to avoid having to transfer the inheritance from one tribe to the other, and so they each married their cousin from their father´s side.








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