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Parasha Devarim

This is the first Parasha of the Sefer Devarim. Devarim means “words,” since Moshe explains and resumes all that occurred during their stay in the wilderness, and reviews the laws and precepts Hashem has commanded to Bnei Israel.

Moshe then details how he had appointed judges and the leaders of the Tribes.

Then Moshe mentions the sad and terrible episode of the “Meraglim,” the spies that went to the Promised Land only to return with a slanderous report, disillusioning The People with their words, causing the terrible consequence in which an entire generation of adults was condemned to die in the desert.

The Parasha continues recalling the failed attempt of The People to cross the territory of Eisav to shorten their travels, and being denied passage by their inhabitants, and so Bnei Israel had to travel through the land of Moab to complete their remaining 38 year sentence.

The Parasha ends with the summary of the confrontation with Sichon and Og, in which Israel managed to be victorious thanks to Hashem´s assistance!!

And Moshe tells Yehoshua: “Your eyes have seen all that G-d your G-d has done to these two kings; so shall G-d do to all the kingdoms into which you will pass. You shall not fear them: for G-d your G-d, He shall fight for you."


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