In Loving Memory of our Dear Parents

Benjamin Assa & Rebeca Assa z"L

Parasha Vaetchanan

In this Parasha Moshe insistently implores (Vaetchanan) Hashem to let him enter the Promised Land.

But Hashem demands him not to beseech not one more time and orders him to ascend to the top of the summit to observe the Land which the Yehudim will enter with his successor Yehoshua ben Nun as their leader.

Then Moshe warns The People to keep and practice the just and perfect laws they received at Har Sinai, which govern our Great People.

Moshe asks the People not to forget their years in the wilderness and to transmit it to their descendants.

Then Moshe reminds them of the great success of the giving of the Torah, when Hashem revealed HimSelf at Har Sinai. And here the 10 Commandments are repeated.

Moshe warns, "and if you abandon the Torah, you will be expelled from the Holy Land, and G-D will scatter you, and you will live in a minority, discriminated against and secluded ... and you will deteriorate morally and assimilate ... But there will come a day that you will react and will seek Hashem, and you will find Him, and you will return to Him with all your heart and soul, because G-D is Pious and will not abandon you !!”

And here appears the verse of Our outmost faith and loyalty to Hashem, the SHEMA ISRAEL!!!

….and these words...You shall teach them to your children, you shall bind them as a sign upon your hand, and they shall be for a reminder between your eyes.. and you shall write them upon the doorposts of your house....”

The Parsha concludes reminding The People of the prohibition of mixed marriages, as this will ignite Hashem´s wrath forfeiting their right to exist.


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