In Loving Memory of our Dear Parents

Benjamin Assa & Rebeca Assa z"L

Parasha Ki Tetze

This Parasha is the parasha that contains the most laws!!


-The laws concerning a captive gentile women:

-A father may not deprive his first-born son of the double portion due to him

-The “rebellious” son

-the prisoner sentenced to death

-the mitzva of returning lost property to its owner

-to help a Jew load and unload a burden

-mitzva of burying a dead on the day of his execution

-not to dress clothing of the opposite sex

-to send away the mother bird before taking the fledglings

-mitzva to fence in a roof or porch

-not to dress wool and linen together

-to use tzitzit

-different kinds of animals may not be harnessed together

-prohibition of adultery, infidelity, rape and incest

-forbidden marriages

-laws regarding a servant who escapes from his master

-laws on loans and interests

-laws on divorces and remarriages

-concessions of farmworker.

-laws for the one who takes a new woman

-the death sentence of a kidnapper

-laws of “Tzaraat” (leprosy)

-payment and collection laws

-to have consideration for an orphan and a widow

-prohibition against false weights and measures

-the mitzva of Yibum, commandment to marry his widowed sister-in-law if she is childless.

-to pay compensation for shaming someone

-and last:the mitzva to remember the evil which Amalek did to Us and to wipe him out




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