In Loving Memory of our Dear Parents

Benjamin Assa & Rebeca Assa z"L

Parasha Toldot

A famine forces Itzjak to relocate and settles in Gerar, in the land of the Philistines, which is within the boundaries of the Holy Land, where he presents Rivka as his sister. But Abimelech the king, discovers the hoax. Abimelej orders protection over Itzjak.

Itzjak becomes successful and prosperous.

The shepherds of Abimelech and those of Itzjak fight over the water wells. But Hashem blesses Itzjak and he decides to make a peace treaty with Abimelech.

Esav marries at the age of 40 to Yehudit and Basemat (goyim ). 

Already old and suffering from blindness, Itzjak decides to bless Esav so he can leave him his spiritual legacy. When Rifka finds out, she advises Yaakov to dress as Esav so he can receive the blessings.

Yaakov covers his arms and neck with goatskins to simulate the feel of his hairier brother, prepares a similar dish, and sends Yaakov to his father. Yaakov receives his father’s blessings for “the dew of the heaven” and “the fat of the land” and mastery over his brother.

When Esav returns, Itzjak realizes that he gave the beraja to Yaakov, and suffers from a great deception. But gives Esav another blessing.

Esav gets very upset and decides to kill Yaakov. But Rivka warns Yaakov and orders to him to flee to Laban´s (her uncle) home, and to look for a wife.

When Esav learns that his father is upset because he married goyim, Esav takes a third wife, Machalat, Ishmael´s daughter.



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