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Parasha Vaishlach

Yaakov returns to the Holy Land after a 20-year stay in Charan, and sends angels to meet his brother Esav, hoping to make amends with him.

But his messengers return to Yaakov to yell him that his brother on the warpath with 400 armed men. Yaakov prepares for warprays, and sends Esav a large gift with hundreds of heads of livestock to make peace with him.

That night, Yaakov travels with his family and possessions across the Yabok River. However, Yaakov remains behind and encounters the angel of Esav with whom he wrestles with all night long. The angel managed to dislocate Yaakov´s thigh.

The angel gives him the name Israel, which means “ You have fought against celestial beings (Esav´s angel) and against mortals ( Lavan and Esav) and you prevailed. You are worthy of your father´s blessings!”

Yaakov and Esav meet, they embrace and kiss, and go different ways.

Yaakov purchases a piece of land near Shechem, whose governor Shechem, abducts and rapes Yaakov´s daughter Dinah. Shimon and Levi, Dinah´s brothers avenge the deed and kill all male inhabitants of the city, on the third day after their circumcision, at the height of their weakness.

Reuven interferes with his father’s marital life and loses his birthright.


The Parasha concludes when Yaakov arrives in Hebron.




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