In Loving Memory of our Dear Parents

Benjamin Assa & Rebeca Assa z"L

Remember it is a mitzvah to share the miracles Hashem has granted us, so together we can thank HIM and praise HIM for all He does for us.

If thanks to our marathons, a miracle occurred, please enter it here and share it with us. We would love to hear all about it.


During the last Perek Shira marathon, I prayed for my daughter to give birth to a healthy baby. And Baruch Hashem after completing 40 days of tefila, my first granddaughter was born healthy and well. Thanks for making these marathons as I am sure that the tefila we do together is stronger and reaches higher and faster. Thanks



I signed up for the last Perek Shira marathon and I asked Hashem to please help me find a home since my building was declared in ruins.  In a miraculous way thanks to Hashem and the generosity of my bosses I found a beautiful home where I can move in to. Thank you very much!




Hello!! Well I wanted to share my miracle with you. I did the Rambam Epistol marathon for Chanukah, so that soon I would be under the chupa. And guess what??? Yess!!! Baruj Hashem, my prayer was answered!!! Berachot to all!




I wanted to tell you that I did last year’s Chanukah prayer every day, even when I had fever, I did not separate from the candles.  I prayed crying!! And B’H” as they say, “the Chanukah candles make miracles.” A month later, after seven years of trying to get pregnant, I got pregnant!!



Although in“share your miracles”it seems that Hashem will always grant us what we are asking for, for me in an occasion it wasn’t so.  I was asking for something I really wanted, for my sister not to need brain surgery.  I said Perek Shira twice in a row (80 days), well…. It didn’t go how I expected it to, they operated her.  I didn’t see the miracle right away, I saw it afterwards! THE BEST THING FOR HER WAS TO GET OPERATED, that was Hashem’s will and my Perek Shira saved her from an urgent second operation she needed due to a complication from the first surgery that Baruch Hashem healed on its own.   So don’t get frustrated if “your miracle” doesn’t occur. It does OCCUR, maybe in a concealed way… Hashem loves us, He knows what He is doing and does what is best for us!!!

Thank you



I am a fan of Linda Tawil and I greatly admire her although she doesn’t know me, BH I am still young and single. I started reading Perek Shira for 40 days for a couple who wasn’t able to have children, having in mind that after finishing the 40 days I would begin reading for another couple. On day #15, I found out that the couple I was praying for Baruch Hashem was expecting, I finished the 40 days asking Hashem that she should have an easy pregnancy and labor. On the 40th day of the first marathon I found that the second couple was also expecting!! I was so happy, I began my own 40 day Perek SHira marathon just to praise and thank Hashem for everything!!

Thank you for always giving us the opportunity to do mitzvoth! 



Hello!! I want to share my miracle. After many years of looking for baby, several treatments with different doctors and no success, last year I joined the marathon, in which daily we had to read 2 halachot on lashon hara by the Jafetz Haim.  I joined the marathon and prayed to Hashem to get pregnant (I was in a fertility treatment).  About fifteen days after I found out I was pregnant and B" H fortunately today I have my baby. Thanks Linda and Deborah for your marathons TLM for everything you do, I adore you!!!



The miracle that occurred was that I decided to read Perek Shira for one week so that my brother would find his shiduj, but one day I forgot to read it so I didn’t continue.  But Baruch Hashem after that one week he started dating someone and is already thinking of a wedding date.

Anonymous (Argentina)





I have a miracle to share. A few days after finishing the 40 day Perek Shira marathon, I found out that someone special who could not have children for several years got pregnant Baruch Hashem.




I wanted to share that I joined the marathon before Rosh Hashana as well as the Perek Shira marathon and Baruch Hashem on day 41 my sister went on a date for the first time and found her zivug and Baruch Hashem has set a wedding date!!!



Hi Deborah!

I want to share with you the miracle that occurred on the night of January 22nd, I think it was the night before finishing the 40 day Perek Shira marathon.  My husband, Baruch Hashem, was able to sign an agreement he was waiting 10 years to sign and wasn’t able to.  Wooooowww



During my pregnancy the dr. told me that I could go into pre-term labor so I decided to join the 40 day Perek Shira marathon.  Baruch Hashem I gave birth in the 9th month to a healthy baby on the day I finished the marathon



I was looking for a Shidduch and during the 40 day Perek Shira marathon I started dating someone, a little while after I got engaged Baruch Hashem!

I was surprised and thankful by the miracle that Hashem granted me.



After finishing the 40 day Perek Shira marathon, I got the apartment we both wanted,

Baruch Hashem!



After several years of waiting to become pregnant, within 2 weeks after finishing the 40 day Perek Shira marathon, I got a positive pregnancy result.  It is so exciting!!!



A few days after
finishing the 40 day Perek Shira marathon, I found out that the person who I
was praying for and who could not have children for many years, Baruch Hashem
got pregnant. 



Dear Deborah:
I joined the marathon to have babies and now I am 12 weeks pregnant!!! Hopefully this will give strength to many other women to trust and believe in the tefila we do!!!
I was waiting to share the miracle with you after the 3 month ultrasound, which I still haven’t done,  but Min Hashamaim I received your email “share your miracle.”



Hello I must share my miracle:

I am sure you heard of the recent banking crisis in Spain. Overnight we lost all of our lives’ savings, the money we had put away for our daughters’ weddings. When we received the money from an inheritance left by my in-laws, we did not comply with the maazer money we had to give and when we lost all of it, I knew right away it was Hashem’s hand in this.  I told my husband, we did not thank Hashem in His day, we turned away from  the maazer we had to give and everything was taken from us. Gamzu le tova!! When I signed up for your Perek Shira marathon , Blessed be Hashem, I  said: "Give it back to me and I will give You the maazer." Two months ago I made an arbitration with the bank and a few days ago I received the letter stating that they were returning most of my money. Baruch Hashem the first thing we did was separate the maazer. I have not felt more joy in my life than when I sent the money to Eretz Israel. Dear Deborah a miracle happened thanks to your marathons. May Hashem compensate you for all the good you do.



The Great Miracle of Hashem

I, like most women, stopped taking care of myself after a year of marriage thinking that after the first month I would get pregnant. It didn’t happen and after a few months of no results I went to the Dr. and he told me I wasn’t ovulating and that if I wanted to get pregnant I needed to begin a fertility treatment. I agreed and began treatment  right away.  A week later Linda sent me an email saying that Sunday was the marathon to have babies so my husband and I joined the marathon. We  read several Tehillim and Pérek shira the whole day and spent the day  praying to Hashem to please send us a miracle baby… Baruch Hashem two weeks later I found out that I was pregnant.

Sharon (Mexico)


I have wanted to share my miracles for a long time, but I was embarrassed to do so.

When I got married the doctor told me I was not ovulating and I got very nervous.  Automatically I thought I was not going to have children, but I prayed and Baruch Hashem I got a cyst that released hormones that made me ovulate and I got pregnant B’H”!

When I was trying to get pregnant with my second child, I joined the 40 day Perek Shira marathon and on the last day of the marathon I got pregnant B’H”.

We must have faith in our prayers and know that Hashem is going to answer our tefilot for good when the time is right!

Anonymous (Mexico)




I want to share my miracle ...
I entered the marathon to ask for people who have not been able to have children.
The result was not instantaneous, but four days ago, just after reading the email entitled “share your miracle” my pregnancy test came back positive. I felt I needed to share the miracle Hashem has granted me, I am sure all of the tefilot made a difference and I want to thank all of you who dedicate minutes of your day to pray for your fellow Jew. Linda and Deborah thank you for making these marathons that gather so many people that make miracles happen.  
I don’t know how to thank you!!

Miracles do exist


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