In Loving Memory of our Dear Parents

Benjamin Assa & Rebeca Assa z"L

Remember it is a mitzvah to share the miracles Hashem has granted us, so together we can thank HIM and praise HIM for all He does for us.

If thanks to our marathons, a miracle occurred, please enter it here and share it with us. We would love to hear all about it.


I am a fan of Linda Tawil and I greatly admire her although she doesn’t know me, BH I am still young and single. I started reading Perek Shira for 40 days for a couple who wasn’t able to have children, having in mind that after finishing the 40 days I would begin reading for another couple. On day #15, I found out that the couple I was praying for Baruch Hashem was expecting, I finished the 40 days asking Hashem that she should have an easy pregnancy and labor. On the 40th day of the first marathon I found that the second couple was also expecting!! I was so happy, I began my own 40 day Perek SHira marathon just to praise and thank Hashem for everything!!

Thank you for always giving us the opportunity to do mitzvoth! 


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