Did you know??
The Ramban sent a letter to his son called the Iggeret HaRamban, asking that he read the letter at least 1 time a week and that the day he reads it, all his prayers will be answered in heaven! Believe…Its written that everybody who acustoms themself to read and study the Iggeret HaRamban in order to fulfill what it says, will be saved from evil and will have a share in the world to come!! Do you want to be part of completing the Iggeret Haramban?
I have a proposal for you!!!...

Iggeret HaRamban Marathon!
What does it consist of?? 

In saying (Blineder) the Iggeret HaRamban every Sunday (Satisfying the recomendation given by the holy Ramban). Believe me it’s not at all hard!!! Why? Because Sundy we are most free and because we have all day to say it! It can be said at nightime as well. You decide what time to say it. Additionally when you subscribe your email, you will
be registered and will be receiving an email every Sunday and something special... The email will include the Iggeret HaRamban as well!!
You will have the option to choose if you want it in Hebrew or Spanish!!
Most importantly is to understand the letter and not just to read it, for that reason we dont offer in the english transliteration!!
Because more than just a prayer, its a life lesson!! It’s Short and won’t even take 5 minutes!! And BH if we read it
with the intention of fulfilling and internalizing it, little by little and at the pace that we can handle, I am sure that Hashem will respond very positivly to our prayers!
and with this Small (but very large act) we are bringing closer the coming of the long awaited Mashiach! Amen!!

Who says me???

If in any moment for whatever reason you want to leave this marathon, always on the bottom of the email there will be an "unsuscribe" just click and you will be removed!

This way the yetzer hara won’t win by making you think “How will I commit myself to this forever?..”